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Wrestlemania 2000

Nintendo 64

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The greatest wrestling game ever created! Tons of game modes, including Cage Match, Road to Wrestlemania, Create a PPV, and more! Create and bet WWF Championship belts with your friends. Over 50 of the top WWF superstars, more than any other WWF game! Thousands of signature moves, taunts, and mannerisms. New Create a Wrestler, with custom moves, costumes, and fighting styles!Product Description For those of you who've never even considered ordering a pay-per-view wrestling event or are appalled by the sight of steroid-fueled monster-men in a ring, this video game title is not for you. Still here? Then get ready for more ferocious virtual wrestling action, this time from WWF's corner of the ring. Brought to you by the brutes behind the highly-acclaimed WCW/nWo Revenge (considered by many to be the best wrestling game to date), WWF: Wrestlemania 2000 throws into the ring over 50 World Wrestling Federation stars, each boasting his favorite moves and very distinct personality. This one's got it all: awesome graphics, tons of characters and special moves, plenty of match varieties, and special touches like upgraded ring entrances. Pick a wrestler from the lineup or create a wrestler from scratch, choosing his appearance, taunts, and mannerisms. Then jump into the ring and show off your character's signature moves--from X-Pac's bronco buster to Chyna's "ooh-that's-gotta-hurt" low blow. With tag team, cage, and weapons matches, the action gets downright wicked. Players can even follow the Road to Wrestlemania, a story mode in which wrestlers grapple with the reality of competing week after week in special TV events in order to compete in the ultimate event, Wrestlemania 2000. No doubt that this game could likely be the champion of the ever-growing pack of wrestling titles. --Eric Twelker Review THQ has been making WCW-licensed wrestling games for years. But a licensing shake-up has enabled the company to score the coveted WWF license that Acclaim held for years. THQ has a tremendous opportunity here to try something new with the license, and from the looks of the company's upcoming PlayStation title, WWF Smackdown, we may see something new yet. However, the company's first product, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64, is little more than a slightly upgraded version of WCW/NWO Revenge with a new set of wrestlers. So wrestling fans who are waiting for an all-new experience will have to keep on waiting. But WWF fans who skipped THQ's WCW games purely because of its license will be in for a game that plays well but captures only fleeting bits of the "attitude" that makes the WWF so popular. Additions to the engine include a sitting position for fallen enemies. You can pick wrestlers up off the mat and place them in a sitting position, or you can pick them up and put them on their feet. An in-depth create-a-wrestler mode has been added. But unlike WWF Attitude, the depth isn't found in how many different colors of pants you can put on your wrestler or how many different types of mullets you can slap onto your wrestler's head; rather, the draw here is that you can customize every single move. Want up and the A button from a weak grapple to be a backhand slap? Go for it. Want your wrestler to finish other wrestlers with the "Insider's Edge," a rip-off of Scott Hall's Outsider's Edge? It's all you. A few other WCW finishers and taunts have made it into the game as well, so you can slap Scott Steiner's or DDP's taunt onto your wrestler if you so desire. Portions of the ring entrance walk are also customizable, as are things like ring entrance attire (hats, microphones, and water bottles are all available). You can set who your wrestler's rivals are, whom he walks to the ring with, how he reacts when and if he starts bleeding during a fight, and lots more. Digitized music and stills from the superstars' video packages pepper the ring entrances, but both manage to detract from the experience rather than add to it. In theory, they make the introsmuch closer to reality than WCW/NWO Revenge's weak intros, but the quality of the entrance music is abysmal. Imagine a friend calling you up and playing entrance music over the phone - or perhaps a RealAudio file encoded at the lowest possible setting - and you'll be on the right track. The entrance "video" is similarly pathetic. It's a collage of still shots t

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