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Moon Patrol

Atari 2600

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For use with the Atari 2600 Video Game Console Catalog no. CX2692 One or Two Players Use with Joystick Controllers UPC no. 077000026927As a Moon Buggy driver, your objective is to travel across the surface of the moon as quickly as you can. While you progress on your journey, you'll encounter huge craters, exploding land mines, and moon rocks on the lunar surface. To make your journey even more challenging, your Moon Buggy comes under missile fire from alien UFOs, some of which create even more craters. Push your Joystick up to jump over craters, land mines, and other obstacles. Time your jumps carefully: a poorly timed jump will cause your Moon Buggy to crash. Push your Joystick right to increase the speed of your Moon Buggy; push the Joystick left to slow it down. Press the red fire button to shoot your laser guns. When an enemy car appears from behind. use your jumping skill to jump over it, then blast it away when it's in front of you. When you encounter an enemy tank, jump over it and its bullets, or simply destroy it for maximum points.

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UPC Number: 77000026927

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