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No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing


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Great single player Pedal power meets polygons in this no-holds-barred cycling experience. Not just another racing game, this title successfully captures the essence and devil-may-care style of competition mountain bike racing. The menu screens feature clanging guitars and jolting graphics that put you in the mood for adrenaline-rushing action. Once you hit the slope, you'll immediately encounter high-speed rough-and-tumble racing featuring huge jumps and varied terrain. From riverbeds to steep city roads, No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing is filled with challenging race environments. While the graphics aren't as crisp as they could be, the speed is certainly here, and when players switch to a behind-the-handlebars viewpoint they'll know what it's like to tread the thin line between fear and control. Six riders are available, each flaunting personality and different strengths. Upgrades such as lighter frames or better tires are awarded after beating three separate opponents on each track. A strength meter decreases after holding the pedal button down for long periods of time. Players will learn to let the bike coast on downhill segments, supplying the riders with bursts of strength for pedaling on flat or uphill segments. This strategy, mixed with the visceral thrill of racing, makes No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing an exhilarating experience. --Jeff YoungPros: Cool riders, each sporting the latest outfits and bikes Precise control Variety of levels keeps the gameplay fresh Cons: Blurry graphics can make distinguishing terrain changes difficult Product description This (E) rated game is great fun in the form of down hill mountain bike racing. Review With the exception of maybe Paperboy and Courier Crisis, the gaming world hasn't seen a lot of bicycling action. Maybe it's because it's hard to imagine bicycling being exciting next to the spaceships, horrible enemies, big guns, and fast cars that other games deliver. No Fear and Codemasters are out to prove that way of thinking wrong by showing just how extreme downhill biking can be. While No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking isn't a revolutionary racing game, it's true to the spirit of downhill biking and is a fun, though short-lived, racing experience. As you would expect from the title, No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking is all about flying down a mostly downhill track on a mountain bike. At the beginning you'll select one of the six initial racers, each with its own individual stats, and then select the track you want to ride on. If you've unlocked the bike upgrades available after performing well in the championship mode, you can customize your bike with different wheels, frames, suspension, and the like. Once the gates open, you'll find that the racing system is true to actual bicycling. You have an energy meter that dictates how long and fast you can pedal, front and rear brakes, and a physics system that realistically distributes your weight on the bike. Leaning back on the bike will tuck your rider, making you more aerodynamic and therefore faster. Leaning forward will cause your biker to lift up, which will slow you down while racing downhill but will help when pedaling up a hill. A careful combination of pedaling, tucking, and braking will let you conquer even the most difficult of tracks, and you'll be surprised at the speeds a bicycle can achieve in this game. The racing itself is divided into five different modes: a one-player championship mode that is a tournament-style race on each one of the tracks in your class, a time-trial mode, the single-race mode, and the interesting multiplayer duel and tournament modes. The duel mode is just like the single-race mode, except that you play against a friend, and the tournament mode is a single-elimination-style tournament for up to four players on the track of your choice. To unlock different classes and bike upgrades you must complete the championship mode. Unfortunately, this mode gets rather tedious,

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