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Dance Paradise

Xbox 360

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The most advanced Microsoft Kinect Dance game developed to date allowing for dance play without a controller Outstanding 40 track playlist with dance, hip-hop, rock and R&B music and easy to learn dance moves choreographed by professional dancers 3 single player modes: Training, Career and Free 3 2-player multiplayer modes: Versus, Attack and Synchro Video Box Mode which lets you watch and listen to the music Dance Paradise is multiplayer Rhythm-Music game exclusively developed for play on Xbox 360 that utilizes Microsoft Kinect technology. The most advanced Dance game to date designed for use with Kinect, Dance Paradise features extensive two player versus play modes. It also contains 40 tracks, each with a corresponding music video viewable as players mimic the dance moves that are queued. Additional features include: a six level Career mode, the ability to pick the tracks you want to dance to in Free mode, Xbox LIVE Avatar integration and more. Now Everybody Can Dance Get ready to party with your friends and dance together with no controllers in Dance Paradise. Dance Paradise utilizes the camera based motion capture technology built into the Microsoft Kinect system (sold separately). Once Kinect is installed, correctly placed in the room and has mapped the tracked points of an individual player's body, your body in effect becomes your controller. No more buttons, no more dance pads, just your body moving to the the groove and as prompted onscreen. Dance Paradise is also the most advanced Kinect based dance game. It comes with the most music of any Kinect dance game released to date - 40 original hit songs from the hottest artists, like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taio Cruz and more, and original video content that accompanies the music tracks. Finally, Dance Paradise is the only Kinect game to give you both the artist videos and true head-to-head multiplayer action to make a real party game, whether you are dancing or just observing. Utilize advanced Microsoft Kinect technology. View larger. A training mode in single player to work on the dance moves you will need. View larger. Choose your favorite tracks to dance to in single player Free mode. View larger. Utilize power-ups to unleash on an opponent in multiplayer Attack mode. View larger. Watch and listen to videos by original artists in Video Box. View larger. GameplayDance Paradise is designed to measure players' ability to perform queued dance moves, but unlike other dance games which deal in simple directional movement, detailed accuracy is key here. This is made possible through the real-time motion capture abilities of Kinect. Gameplay in Dance Paradise is based around the game's four color-coded dance lanes. As music tracks and videos run in the background and your Xbox LIVE avatar cheers you on from themed game environments, two-dimensional representations of the dance move you are to mimic slide down the dance lanes towards you in a conveyer belt fashion at the center of the screen. In the few seconds that it takes for these representations to reach the bottom front of the screen they have repeated the move several times. At the end of each lane is a virtual dance pad, which when reached by the two-dimensional figure is your queue to mimic the dance move. A variety of the possible moves slide down all four lanes with players hopping laterally to adjacent dance pads to unleash their versions of them. Moves are rated in real-time and proceed in rhythm with the track. Successful moves fill the player's in-game vitality bar, while unsuccessful attempts subtract from it. Your game ends if the bar is completely drained. Play ModesDance Paradise features multiple game modes in both single player and multiplayer. Single player modes include: Free Play, in which you can queue up the tracks you want and dance away to your heart's content; Training Mode where you can practice the individual moves that you will see in in-game action; and Career Mode - 6 progressive game levels, each of which contain specific challenges that must be met before you can move on to the next. Two player multiplayer modes include: Attack mode, a mode in which after filling their vitality bars players can unleash power-ups that throw off the dance moves of opponents; Versus mode, where players dance off to the same tracks with the winner being the most accurate; and Synchro m

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