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Dark Summit


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Ranger Chief O'Leary has been banning snowboarders from Mt. Garrick, and your friends have to find out why Shred & stomp your way across the mountain to open up restricted areas on the mountain As you build a name for yourself, the story will unfold & you'll get access to the secret O'Leary is hiding Try out multiplayer mode for extra thrills -- six different characters, each with different moves & Dark Summit invites you to explore and uncover the mystery atop Mt. Garrick through 45 mountain-based challenges and missions. This is the first action-adventure snowboarding video game with mission-based objectives. It offers a huge mountain to unlock and explore, from the bunny slopes to the summit, and an innovative reward system based on the player's status on the mountain. There are long, expansive runs to shred, and a physics-based board simulation for tight, responsive controls and realistic carving, shredding, and jibbing. High-tech equipment upgrades include boards, bindings, and gear. The multiplayer modes including competitions in mountain challenges, the half-pipe, and more. The six playable snowboarders in multiplayer mode each has his or her own physical characteristics, personality, and attitude. Product description This item is Brand New in Original Packaging. Uncover the mystery atop Mount Garrick! The military has mysteriously closed the summit of Mount Garrick, and the evil Chief O'Leary is trying desperately to drive boarders off the mountain. Do you have what it takes to explore this vast terrain and expose the conspiracy shrouded at the summit? With unique, groundbreaking game design, Dark Summit is the only action-adventure snowboarding game with mission-based objectives and a compelling storyline.

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