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Mx Unleashed

Playstation 2

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Try your luck in Career Mode, complete with 15 intense rounds -- or go for Supercross, Freestyle or Nationals mode Race on huge, dangerous outdoor motocross tracks -- filled with obstacles and realistic weather effects like fog, rain, and snow Players can unlock amazing game secrets by pulling off stunts and trick combos - race in(or against) monster trucks, biplanes and more Multiple classes of bikes to choose from - newly-added 50cc bikes, to 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc bikes See if you can make a tremendous jump into a floating hot-air balloon for massive points -- just one of the crazy stunts waiting for you in MX Unleashed!Product Description If you like mud, dirt, high speeds and serious attitude all on two wheels, MX Unleashed is for you! Features an extensive career mode through the Supercross and Outdoor National series with over 100 true-to-life riders. Take your skills into the vast Freeworld mode where you can ride treacherous terrain to your heart's content. Realistic physics engine, incredible sound, 40 insane tracks to race and intense multiplayer put MX Unleashed over the top! From the Manufacturer Rainbow Studios, the masters of off road racing games, returns to their heritage to bring the definitive next generation MX game to life. Challenge yourself in the ultimate off-road playground, a never before seen freeworld mode filled with treacherous terrain, mini games, and machine races. Go bar to bar against the top champions in the world through the season long Supercross and Outdoor National series in an extensive career mode. Prepare yourself for mud, dirt, high speeds, and serious attitude. Review Motocross games are an evolutionary step behind the rest of the extreme sports genre. I don't say that because I think it's an inferior sport or because I think that you have to be inherently devoid of brains to do some of the stupid, sick tricks they perform. I say this only because Rainbow Studios and THQ have teamed up to finally give the rest of us a motocross game that tries to update the sport. When I say "us," I mean anybody who doesn't break limbs for a living on 250cc monsters tearing through the sky.MX Unleashed combines a lengthy career mode with Freestyle worlds whose layouts play more like a Tony Hawk game. This isn't a reinvention of the wheel by any means, it's just that its execution meant that I actually gave a damn about a motocross game for more than ten minutes. Run around in the environments and you'll encounter challenges like racing against a monster truck and other vehicles (which you then earn if you win), stunt competitions, and both Hit and Run activities. Runs are a series of jumps you have to perform in a row, while Hits are a series of runs that have to be done before competing riders finish theirs. Hits and Runs were my favorite Freestyle activities because you really had to nail your timing well and having to do all the jumps in succession was a cool challenge. A close second was earning the vehicles like the plane and buzzing around the worlds in those. This sounds stupid as hell, but I couldn't help smiling. One of the other small joys of Freestyle was the ambient life. Whether it was the riders or the trucks (with jumps on their flatbeds!), there was always something going on.Rainbow is mainly known as a developer with great physics, and here they don't disappoint. I can say that this is the first motocross game whose trick system didn't piss me off. I also like that you really have to think when you go out on the demanding courses. You can't just pre-load to the max all the time – you have to know the layout of the tracks and use your clutch and pre-load at varying strengths to keep your momentum out there. Finally, I should fault the game for having inconsistent collision, but it was just forgiving enough that it kept the fun rolling.Motocross has had an inglorious history of false starts, lots of franchises without enough distinction between them, and just mediocrity. This newest partnership is a good one, with the only problem being that it wasn't seized upon sooner. More straight-up innovation is needed next time, but until then, we've got a good solid game on our hands.The Edgeive the edge without a doubt to the Xbox version. The graphics are simply crisper - something you instantly notice when flying 20 feet in the air with five other riders while your pulling off a Saran Wrap. Oh yeah, you'll also take note of it when the dirt particles fly as you eat it trying to land. The only disappointing note on this front is that the Xbox cannot get rid of the fogging problem in the

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