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Pipe Dreams 3D


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18 Continents, each with 3 levels, to save from the Evil A long time ago in the inky blackness of space lived the Pipe Planet, a small blue-green planet inhabited solely by small Pipe people. The Pipes went happily about their daily piping just like all the other Pipe people before them. For the Pipe people, life was good. Everyday was spent under the Pipe sun, in the Pipe sea, or on the Pipe beach. However, one evil little Pipe was not happy. She didn't like the Pipe sun, or the Pipe sea, or the Pipe beach, and she definitely didn't like the Pipe people. So begins the story of this whimsical little game, and the beginning of the player's task. Tooled with spanner and pipe, you must piece together a pipeline that directs the relentless flow of flooze down the plug hole. It will take all your strategic skills and pipe-fitting prowess to keep one step ahead of the incessant, seeping sewage. There are 18 continents, each with three levels, to save from the evil flooze. Each continent hosts its own characters and hazards. Power-ups keep you going when the flowing gets tough.

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