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Duke Nukem 64

Nintendo 64

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Duke Nukem Duke Nukem has been ridding the world of alien scum for some time now on the PC, so his move to the Nintendo 64 was highly anticipated. The result is a nearly direct translation of the infamous PC game to the N64. The entry is a welcome one, since Duke injects a healthy amount of politically incorrect humor into the painfully serious first-person shooter market. Gamers shoot their way through a variety of levels modeled after real-world locales, such as movie theaters and office buildings. The action is fast and bloody, courtesy of your arsenal of powerful weapons. Call us crazy, but we especially liked the grenade launcher. This weapon shoots delayed-fuse projectiles that can bounce around corners to dislodge lurking enemies. When you tire of the single-player levels, you can partake in a fun deathmatch with up to three other players. Thanks to some adept computer-controlled "Dukebots," you don't even need to round up any friends to enjoy this portion of the game. The game's major fault is its poor graphics. Levels and explosions are rendered in 3-D, but everything from monsters to weapons are depicted as flat, pixilated 2-D sprites. Duke Nukem certainly isn't the prettiest shooter on the N64, but it is among the funniest. --T. Byrl BakerPros: Deathmatch offers a fun alternative to solo play Realistic environments add to gameplay Cons: Poor graphics Occasional slowdown Product description Duke Nukem, the politically incorrect action hero and ultimate alien ass kicker, defends Earth and its babes from alien invasion in Duke Nukem 3D. This is the award winning game that helped define the FPS genre, introducing unparalleled interactivity, and a main character that spoke. Take the fight to the aliens across 39 levels featuring Hollywood, Los Angeles, a moon base, and alien spacecraft. Innovative items like the Jetpack, HoloDuke, Shrink Ray, or Pipe Bombs allow you to fight the aliens in any style you want. Defeat the aliens, so Duke can get back to some R&R with a stogie, a warm belly, and a bottle of Jack. From the Manufacturer The 'King of Shooters' is bringing all of his muscle power and attitude to the N64. Featuring 4-player split-screen action compatible with the Nintendo Rumble Pack. Review Ever since I finished Super Mario 64, I've eagerly scrutinized the boxes of the games that come through the VideoGameSpot offices for pictures that indicated to me that this game would finally be the one that would once again give me the thrill of seeing this incredibly powerful little platform perform the graphic miracles I'd seen when that Mario 64 cartridge filled the slot at the top of the unit. This one? No, this one? Wait... maybe this is it - GoldenEye! In fact, that was the game I was looking for - a thrilling graphic tour-de-force! But it's not the game I'm reviewing. Duke Nukem 64 is today's subject. Duke, the older, less-capable, gone-to-seed cousin of Quake's PC warrior has been ported to the N64, bringing his characteristic sprite-based enemies and bad attitude to the House That Mario Built, and it is my task to tell the story of what happens now that he's here. It wasn't a leap in graphics technology that made Duke so popular - the 3D engine inside it was merely a shade better than previous games and was soon put in its place by Quake. It was the wildly humorous and sleazy game world 3D Realms created that won over gamers, taking them to places they'd never been before - an adult bookstore, a space station, a strip bar - and giving them a protagonist with an attitude they couldn't resist. Duke's pithy Bruce Campbell-isms at appropriate moments during the game, like his gravelly, throaty "come get some" when you have him pick up a weapon he particularly likes at the time, were adorably macho and drew the gamer in further. Most of these elements have been preserved in the N64 port. Naturally, Eurocom has removed the more salacious aspects of the game - figuring, I suppose, that

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