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Driv3r Driver 3

Gameboy Advance

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7 different weapons - from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles 25 vehicles, including performance cars, trucks and motorbikes Two cities to explore - Miami, Florida and Nice, France -- with over 30 miles sprawling highways and streets for each city Wild driving mini-games - Slalom, Checkpoint, Trailblazer and Destruction 25 undercover missions - Armed pursuit, Interception, Destruction and Recovery, Getaway, Takedown and VIP EscortFrom the Manufacturer Driv3r is an action-packed driving adventure game that re-creates the excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster and plays like an interactive movie. Play as Tanner, the undercover cop from the first two hit Driver games. This time he's out to bust an immense car-theft ring--but his secret is about to be uncovered. If Tanner doesn't work fast, the mission is over--and so is Tanner's life. Features:Over 25 playable vehicles, including cars, bikes, boats, and buses Seven different weapons, including handguns, machine guns, and grenade launchers Three highly detailed cities: Miami, Nice, and Istanbul For one player

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