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Mission Impossible Operation Surma

Playstation 2

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Ethan Hunt and his IMF team will use the latest weapons, gadgets and disguises to stop a corporate plot to dominate the world Use your brains and brawn complete each mission -- know when to fight and when to use stealth Use classic IMF devices like scanners, inner-ear communicators and disguise kits to get the job done Travel to the Middle East, Rome and Eastern Europe as you save the world, in the adventure of a lifetime!Product Description Travel to exotic locations, in numerous disguises, armed with the latest weapons, gadgets and top-secret counterintelligence as you follow a series of hi-tech thefts that lead to Surma Corporation. Review While it's not quite a classic, it's good to finally see some solid new entries into the stealth/action genre. It lacks the realism of Splinter Cell and the intensity of Metal Gear Solid, but Operation Surma makes up for it with a good story, solid controls and graphics, and tons of interesting gadgets. Oh, and the Mission Impossible theme is still one of the coolest songs ever. The PS2 version lacks the polish of its Xbox cousin, but it's still evident that this may be the start of the next big stealth/action series.Rated: 7.75 out of 10Editor: Jeremy ZossIssue: February 2004Subscribe to Game Informer -- Game Informer Review

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