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Test Drive Off Road

Playstation 2

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Awesome SoundTrack includes Metallica, Fear Factory, Digital Assasins and more Gameplay includes more than 10 races and events per location, with 3 different checkpoint-style race modes. Digital and Analog Control Vibration Function For 1 to 2 You and 12 trucks battle it out with brute force in an off-road race to reign supreme over some of nature's most untamed environments. Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open delivers "go-anywhere" racing set in three rugged locations: Moab, Utah; Yosemite, California; and Big Island, Hawaii. Each off-road environment boasts its own hazards, which range from deadly rockslides to distracting waterfalls to devastating volcanoes. With Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open, you can choose your vehicle from a stable of 13 of the roughest off-road trucks ever licensed, including the Hummer. You can also customize your rig with paint and parts upgrades. You'll confront high-speed jumps, wild shortcuts, and serious off-road obstacles. Gameplay includes more than 10 races and events per location, with three different checkpoint-style race modes. Product description In Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open, off-road racing takes a detour through nature's badlands. The wilderness is your playground for 13 licensed trucks such as Hummer, Dodge T-Rex, Ford Bronco, and more. Avoid rockslides, waterfalls, and volcanoes as you tear up three countrysides--each featuring over 10 races and events. Speed through checkpoints in three gameplay modes--Circuit, A-B, and Blitz--against tough competition on rough terrain. The road to off-road supremacy goes through towering jumps, high-speed trucks, and shortcuts.

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