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Ace Combat 4

Playstation 2

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Soar through the blue in 24 missions, piloting the fastest & most powerful aircraft in the world Incredibly detailed aircraft are modeled from real jet fighters in 3D A rich and engaging storyline will impress you -- it unfolds as you fly in deadly combat missions Realistic speed effects will practically make you feel teh G-forces crushing your chest Real weather effects will affect your flight abilities -- will you be thrown off by cloud cover or glare for the sun?Product Description Danger takes wing again, as Namco's breakneck flight simulation launches again for more harrowing dogfights and critical mission strikes in Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies - Greatest Hits. But this assignment requires a more powerful arsenal than ever before—and with the overpowering might of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system locked and loaded, Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies aims to deliver the most firepower yet in the series. This game offers intense aerial action in a futuristic setting. After an asteroid strikes Earth, surviving nations battle to maintain their power. You are a pilot with ISAF (Independent States Allied Force) who lost your parents to the war. With the ISAF pinned back, it is up to you to turn the tide of battle. For our ace pilot, though, the conflict is more personal than professional, as you seek vengeance for the death of your family, especially from the pilot who led the sortie that killed your parents.

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