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Patapon 2

Playstation Portable

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THIS IS NOT A UMD BASED GAME. IT IS A DOWNLOAD ONLY GAME. THIS RETAIL PACKAGE CONTAINS A COVER SHEET, A VOUCHER WITH DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS, AND A FULL PRINT MANUAL. The adventures of the brave Patapon tribe continues in the highly anticipated sequel to IGN's 2008 PSP Game of the Year! PATAPON(TM) 2 is sure to satisfy fans of the original with double the content of the first, plus exciting new features. Continuing their search for Earthend, the Patapons find themselves on a strange island where they will find mysterious new enemies and creatures waiting for them. As the Mighty Patapon, guide our small heroes through this dangerous new land with the power of rhythm! Earthend Awaits! Key Features Double the content from the original 80+ Missions, 22 Bosses, 500+ items and weapons. Three New Drum Commands and Miracles to master! Build your Patapon army, arm each soldier with weapons and armor, and position them for battle. Mold a new Hero warrior to lead your army. Discover 3 new warrior classes to add to your troops. Battle alongside friends in multiplayer co-op mode via Game Share! Play eight music-based mini-games to earn bonuses and upgrades to evolve your troops.

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