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Wipeout Pulse

Playstation Portable

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Intense gaming experience loaded with high-tech weapons, high-octane speed, and futuristic anti-gravity combat racing 8 teams including the new EG-X team and 12 new reversible tracks Large variation of in-track design including loops, vertical drops, and 90-degree angled sections Pumping soundtrack licensed by top artists including Mason, Loco Dice, Stanton Warriors, and Kraftwerk 7 game modes including wireless multiplayer mode via Ad hoc and Infrastructure modesSCE Studios Liverpool brings the future back with this second Wipeout game for the PSP. This entry in the racing series features 24 new reversible circuits, a load of fresh high-speed vehicles and some deadly new weaponry. There's also a new track feature called the Mag-Strip, which acts like a magnet and temporarily locks ships to the levels, enabling exciting things like loops and vertical drops. Newcomers to the Wipeout franchise will likely revel over the introduction of a training mode, taking you through the basics. A host of new downloadable content is also available, and for even more excitement, this game introduces a new online multiplayer feature, where racers can battle each other at amazing speeds. An all-new Photo Mode, which captures in-game screenshots and stores them onto the PSP Memory Card. Like Wipeout Pure, the game features downloadable content, such as new tracks, ships and songs, immediately after release. 7 Game Modes, with Single Race, Zone, Tournament, Time Trial and Free Run returning from Wipeout Pure, plus the addition of the all-new Speed Lap mode, and the return of Eliminator mode last seen in Wipeout 3. The new Cannon weapon replaces the Disruptor Bolt from Wipeout Pure. Eliminator mode features 2 all-new weapons exclusive to the game mode - Repulsor and Shurikens. Zone Mode will now be playable on most (but not all) of the normal tracks instead of custom made tracks. A loyalty system, where players get bonuses for using a particular team regularly ESRB Rated E for Everyone

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