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Athens 2004

Playstation 2

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Authentic 3D-crafted stadiums for actual Athens 2004 events - Panathinaiko Stadium for Archery events, Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall, Olympic Indoor Hall and Markopoulo Shooting Centre Choose from 800 athletes from 64 countries, across five continents -- from South Africa to Serbia & Montenegro Try to beat world records by competing in Challenge Mode, with 1 to 4 players Compete like an Olympian in the Decathlon, Heptathlon, Aquatics, Gymnastics and more Dance Mat compatible - get a true feel for the competition, as you struggle to jump higher, swim harder and run fasterFrom the Manufacturer The worldÕs greatest sporting competition on PlayStation2. Wearing your country flag on your uniform and representing your country in the Olympic Games is about honor, sportsmanship and the human spirit. Experience the tradition and passion of the Olympic Games while competing for the gold in over 25 events from seven sports including Athletics (Track & Field), Aquatics (Swimming), Gymnastics, Equestrian, Weightlifting, Archery and Shooting. Key Features: Olympic License: Athens 2004 is the only official licensed video game product of the IOC on console. Thirteen Athletics (Track and Field) Events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, hurdles, long jump, high jump, triple jump, pole vault, javelin throw, discus throw, and shot put Four Aquatics (Swimming) Events: 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 100m breaststroke and 100m butterfly Four Gymnastics Events: Floor exercises men, floor exercises women, rings men and vault One Shooting Event: Skeet One Archery Event: Individual 70m One Weightlifting Event: Clean & Jerk One Equestrian Event: Jumping individual mixed Four Arcade and Eight Competition Game Modes: From Practice to the Official Decathlon and Hepthlon combined events Practice Mode: All world-class athletes need to practice so before taking on the worldÕs best, head to Practice Mode to sharpen your skills and nail down your timing. Single Event Mode: In addition to playing for medals, Single Event Mode awards players based on a point system so that you then take your points to the Olympic Store and exchange them for hidden items and features. Challenge Mode:The simulation section of the game that reflects the spirit of the Olympic Games. In this mode, 1-4 players are competing against real times, and real world records in real Olympic scenarios. Party Mode: Athens 2004 is truly an interactive experience while competing in Party Mode. Display your athletic ability by using the Dance Mat while competing in 10 different events including hurdles, 100m freestyle, gymnastics floor exercises plus many other challenging events while chasing the gold medal. Competition Mode: Individual, Decathlon, Hepthlon, Athletics (Track & Field), Aquatics (Swimming), Gymnastics, Champion and Custom. Dance Mat Compatible: The Dance Mat makes Athens 2004 truly an interactive experience as you attempt to run faster, swim stronger and jump higher all while competing on the Dance Mat. Product Description Athens 2004 captures the spirit of the Olympic games and provides the most detailed and comprehensive Olympic licensed videogame to date. You compete in 3 play modes: Practice, Arcade and Competition. Choose from 64 countries, 5 continents and 800 different athletes/characters and go for the gold in Track and Field, Swimming, Gymnastics, Shooting, Weightlifting or Equestrian events.

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