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New cars, new characters, and a new plot Twisted Metal 4 will only work on the original Playstation (PS1) or Playstation 2 (PS2) Suffering from road rage? Prefer offensive driving? Check out Twisted Metal 4, the latest edition in PlayStation's bestselling demolition derby franchise. The game opens with news of the return of Sweet Tooth, this title's maniacal clown who is up to his not-so-funny antics again. Along with a horde of mini-sized clowns, he presents eight interactive battlegrounds on which to do combat, including his bedroom, the carnival, and eight hidden levels. These new environments have more traps and gizmos than previous Twisted Metal games, including randomly deposited gas barrels, secret areas, and new weapons in larger quantities. The game also introduces the ability to drive on walls and make giant leaps from building to building. Players can choose from 20 new characters and deathmobiles, including a demented family with a fierce station wagon or rock star Rob Zombie's Dragula mobile. Also new to this edition of the car-combat freak show is the "create a car" option, which allows you to customize a car's size, color, model, and special weapon. The rock and rap soundtrack for this combat chaos is provided by Rob Zombie, Cypress Hill, Cirrus, Ghoulspoon, One Minute Silence, and Skold. A multi-tap (sold separately) allows up to four people to play at once. --Carrie BellPros:The next installment in an already successful franchiseNew cars, new characters, and a new plotUp to 4 players can hit the road with a multi-tap (sold separately)Cons:Camera angle problems can cause poor visibility during combatAlmost as many moves and button configurations to memorize as in a fighting game Product description Sweet Tooth and his pumped-up posse of evil henchmen have taken control of the most explosive freak show on wheels! The #1 car combat game is ready to rage! Review The Twisted Metal series first arrived a few months after the PlayStation's US debut. It was in the forefront of games that really showed off the difference between 32-Bit CD-based systems and the 16-Bit cart platforms that came before. While driving and shooting games had previously existed, Twisted Metal was responsible in part for defining the car-combat genre by putting over-the-top characters into vehicles with arsenals of weapons and special moves and letting them battle it out until only one remained. The second game in the line, Twisted Metal II: World Tour, was a longer, improved version of the original, and it is generally thought of as one of the best games ever released for the PlayStation. But by the time the third title came along, the series' developer, SingleTrac Studios, had been sold to GT Interactive, and publisher 989 Studios opted to bring the line in-house. While the game had new weapons, contestants, and multiplayer options, its levels lacked the originality of the earlier titles, and its new physics engine was more of a frustration than an improvement. Though it sold very well, Twisted Metal III was a huge disappointment, making the question of how Twisted Metal 4 has turned out all the more important for its fans. Rest assured; it's much, much better than its predecessor. To begin with, the level design in Twisted Metal 4 is a big improvement over Twisted Metal III's. There are more hidden areas than in the previous games, and you'll likely play a level more than a dozen times before finding everything. Standout levels include Amazonia 3000 BC, which has quite a few different tiers to sneak off to, and The Oil Rig, which has lots of satisfying places to set traps. Each stage also has a secret weapon that you can use on your enemies until someone comes and knocks you off the weapon's controls. For instance, in the first level you use a large magnet, which sucks your opponents high up into the sky, preparing them for a big drop. The levels aren't quite as epic as those in Twisted Metal II: World Tour, but they get the job done well. The only one that's kind of dull is the first - a construction yard with a lot of topographic

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