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Kileak The Dna Imperative


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Disc plus hard plastic protective case only. Disc condition ranges from flawless to scratched but is guaranteed to work.From the Manufacturer It's 2038. The evil Dr Kim has discovered a terrible DNA configuration and holds the fate of humanity in his diabolical hands. Your mission: Rescue a missing undercover agent identify the nature of the DNA research being conducted and if necessary terminate the evil Dr. Kim. Armed with Protect Armor SJ 107 and an on-board computer system your main objective is to make it through 15 levels of Dr. Kim's arctic hideout without being destroyed. Players will need to use skill and ingenuity to acquire the data maps and weapons it takes to survive. Kileak combines both action and strategy in this first-perspective shooter with 3-D graphics. The game contains hidden rooms special power-ups and lots of weapons.

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