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Espn Major League Baseball 2K5


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Total Control Base Running - tell the base runner what to do and switch perspectives to see what the opposing team is doing Advanced new pitching and batting controls - use the Slam Zone to guess pitch location Franchise Mode is back with all-new menus and controls - choose the right coaches, scouts and managers as you search the AA and AAA teams for talent Advanced stats with extensive breakdowns - Learn which pitches give you trouble, righty vs. lefty, fielding stats, awards earned and more Incredible new Lockout Mode puts a new twist on the classic Home Run Derby -- Pick 3 players and compete in split-screen action as you knock them out of the parkFrom the Manufacturer Not enhanced, not adjusted, not tweaked, and not updated. Major League Baseball 2K5 is all new and sets the standard for baseball video games. Dominate the diamond with innovative pitching and batting controls, all-new Maximum Fielding and On Command baserunning featuring active picture-in-picture display, quick select controls, and a plethora of slide options. Indulge in the true MLB atmosphere as a brand-new graphics engine brings stadiums, player models, animations, weather effects, and cut-scenes to life in breathtaking detail. With an exclusive ESPN presentation system featuring expert commentary from Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, and Karl Ravech in-studio, Major League Baseball 2K5 is your ticket to the Big Leagues. Features:On Command Baserunning: own the basepaths by taking complete control of any baserunner with active picture-in-picture baserunning and utilize Maximum Sliding to hit the dirt utilizing multiple slide types with the flip of your right analog stick. Maximum Fielding: intuitive right analog stick controls make big defensive plays a reality with all new diving catches, sliding catches, wall climbs, robbed homers, and bang-bang double plays. K Zone: on the mound, K Zone Pitching flawlessly captures the true essence of baseball with unmatched control over pitch accuracy and pitch velocity, while a new batting interface allows for control of swing location and swing type. Best Franchise in the Business: dive into the nuts and bolts of franchise management as you scout and track minor-league talent, take on GM Mode and even compete multi-player as the best franchise mode in the business gives you all the options you need to create a big-league powerhouse. Presented by ESPN: new broadcast camera angles, chase cam, GameCast Live, and commentary featuring Jon Miller and Hall of Fame legend Joe Morgan dissecting the action with Karl Ravech delivering the in-studio analysis, all in the style of "The Worldwide Leader in Sports." The Skybox: choose from multiple skybox layouts each with their own Hall of Fame wing, and deck them out with your favorite in-game action shots as you earn tokens to unlock classic teams, mini games, stadiums, and more. Your Game, Your Music: just as the players select the songs that play as they stride to the plate, now you can customize the sounds of the game with your Xbox by using your own downloaded music to add some true stadium atmosphere. Online Leagues: the standard-setting online quality that you have come to know from the 2K series now includes online leagues and tournaments, updates of other games in progress, and an advanced messaging system and a buddy list that lets you keep in touch with your opponents at any time. Review After another heart-breaking season, Visual Concepts gave struggling developer Blue Shift the Steinbrenner surprise (a swift kick of the boot and phone numbers to a handful of scouts in Japan). Rather than playing the free agent game, Visual Concepts turned to its own bankroll to fill this starting role. Making like Bo Jackson, Kush Games, which has proven to be skilled in both professional hockey and college basketball, is stepping onto the diamond and adding a third sport to its impressive resumé. Fitting right in like it had been releasing baseball games for years, Kush knew exactly what players would want. The company's approach to pitching is reminiscent of a Charlie Hough knuckleball. It's wildly inventive and loaded with twists and turns that you wouldn't expect. Through brilliantly conceived timing-based and pressure-sensitive meters, player skills are put to the test with each and every pitch. In other words, it's the perfect solution to the mechanics in MVP. Interestingly, there's more to batting than just taking a cut. Honing in on the mind game that occurs between the pitcher and batter, you can guess where the hurler may throw the ball. I absolutely adore this element. Guess correctly and you'll get the chance t

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