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Spec Ops Stealth Patrol


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The enemy expects you within 24 hours. Actually, you're already there - Choose stealth or all-out frontal assault as you lead your team of rangers into combat against ultra-powerful terrorist units. - Fight against time and huge enemy forces in known global terrorist hotspots. - An arsenal to choose from including shotguns, grenades, machine guns, sniper rifles, tripwire mines, nightvision goggles and more. - Take on your enemies and share the battle scars in a co-operative two player split screen.You're in the army now! As a member of the U.S. Army Rangers, you must control your team as it aims to eliminate the targets of its opponents. Can you complete the challenging mission subtasks in the allotted time? Based in huge, detailed outdoor 3-D environments, your missions revolve around several objectives, including reprisal attacks, seize-and-destroy assaults, counterterrorist attacks, and raid-and-destroy missions. Choose between stealth and all-out frontal assaults. Then navigate the team under the cover of darkness across thick jungles, barren deserts, arctic tundra, and dense forests.

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