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Dragon Warrior Iii

Gameboy Color

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Destroy the Archfiend Baramos choose three allies; eight character classes; travel day and night expanded list of weapons, armor, and spells; more than 40 castles, towns, villages, and Originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dragon Warrior III is a Game Boy Color port of one of the all-time classic role-playing games. The game reunites two of Japan's greatest RPG talents in Yuji Horii (story and game) and Akira Toriyama (character design). Toriyama is also known as the creator of the immensely popular Dragon Ball cartoons and comics. A prequel to the first two games in the series, DWIII casts you as the child of a great hero who must defeat an evil demon. New additions to the port include improved graphics, new minigames, new items, and a better translation of the original Japanese dialogue. The game starts off with a personality test that loosely determines how other characters will react to you. Gameplay is standard RPG fare: exploring, building experience levels, acquiring allies, gaining weapons, and ultimately going after a large monster. There are some interesting minigames to mix things up. The Monster Medals feature adds a collectible aspect to the game. Monsters may leave medals behind after you defeat them. Some monsters only appear during certain times of the day. Getting all the medals unlocks a secret dungeon. You can trade medals via link cable to make things easier. Most RPG fans will love this game, but those raised on modern RPGs might find its combat a bit tedious. This game is compatible with Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance only. --Raymond M. PadillaPros:Classic gameplay Excellent monster and character design Between 40 to 60 hours of play Cons:Battles can get repetitive A few character classes borderline on useless Graphics appear dark on Game Boy Advance Product description Your father was a legendary hero of Aliahan who was killed by the Archfiend Baramos. Now, you are 16 years old and must continue your father's quest and destroy Baramos. However, you will not take on this challenge alone. Choose three allies from eight character classes. If you need to, you can change a characters class at any point in the game. Travel throughout the day and night to visit more than 40 castles, towns, villages, and shrines. Naturally, you and your friends will have to fight a large number of enemies while on this adventure. Luckily, there is an expanded list of spells, weapons, and armor to choose from. Try to get your revenge in DRAGON WARRIOR III.

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