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Lego Racers


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1 or 2 Players Analog Control Compatible Vibration Function Build and customize your Lego Race Car and DriverAs a kid, I often imagined myself strapped inside my LEGO creations, dodging family pets and chair legs at breakneck speeds. These days, virtual racing fans can simply load up LEGO Racers, build a virtual car from the signature block parts, and compete with computer opponents or a friend around tracks with such exotic names as Dark Forest Dash and Tribal Island Trail. Players choose a driver based on preferred driving style, and then snap together their dream machine in the LEGO garage. Real-world physics comes into play here: adding a "wedge" brick to the tail improves aerodynamics, and placing a few extra bricks over the wheels adjusts the traction (prior LEGO building experience may come in handy). Each themed track offers unique racing adventures, such as dangerous lava geysers in the Magma Moon Marathon, with power-ups supplying special abilities such as oil slick deployment and turbo boosts. Beat a champion racer and you'll earn the right to pick over his or her machine for the best parts--just like my older brother's unwritten rule during our childhood LEGO playtimes. --Eric Twelker

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