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Space Invaders Extreme 2

Nintendo Ds

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Fever Time is a bonus round in which invaders in the bottom screen can be shot down to obtain items while numerous UFOs appear in the top screen Light up three bingo squares in a row by conquering three Rounds and go into a special Bingo Round Clear the special Bingo Round to go into Super Fever Time! Shoot down special UFOs on the top screen to obtain a plethora of Bonus Items Play to beat and clear each stage as fast as possible in this new play mode Battle a friend using Nintendo DS Download or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection; Shoot down invaders to build up a stock of enemies send to your opponent by shooting down special UFOsSPACE INVADERS continues the celebration of its 30th anniversary with SPACE INVADERS EXTREME 2! Enjoy an enhanced battle system, a challenging new time attack mode, and an expanded game play progression that goes beyond Fever Time to SUPER FEVER TIME! SPACE INVADERS EXTREME 2 is faster and more exhilarating than ever before!

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