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Et Extra-Terrestrial

Gameboy Advance

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A great story classic characters deadly enemies 15 levels single-player actionProduct description E.T. is in serious trouble, and needs your help! You must race against time to save him from the government agents, scientists and law enforcement officers that are trying to catch him. YOUR MISSION: Assemble the transmitter that will allow E.T. to "phone home", then arrange for him to be picked up by his spaceship before it's too late! E.T. needs your help; go save him... E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial lets you play as Elliott, E.T., or both in an action-adventure game that re-creates the characters, locations, and excitement of the 1982 movie. You'll face the same challenges as the movie's heroes, such as assembling the transmitter to phone home, breaking E.T. out of quarantine, piloting the bikes through the treetops, and trying to flee the authorities. This game offers three levels of difficulty and supports one player. Additional play environments include Elliott's house, the forest, treetops, and more.

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