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Soldier Of Fortune

Sega Dreamcast

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10 international locales; high-tech weaponry; deadly enemies; intense AI; one-player Soldier of Fortune is a conversion of an 18-certificate PC game infamous for its politics and excessively violent nature, a first-person shooter straight out of the Quake II school. Four nuclear warheads have been stolen by a terrorist organization; they have to be retrieved and the people responsible eliminated, and thus you must make your way from A to Z, hitting switches, opening doors, and laying waste to a near endless supply of henchmen. The visuals are solid if unspectacular, but offer a variety of locations and environments. One level may not differ greatly from another, but it's thoroughly entertaining stuff, and atmospheric as well thanks to some moody background audio. Surprisingly for a console FPS, the joypad actually gives a tight, intuitive control (keyboard and mouse are also supported). There are drawbacks that stop this title short of greatness. The enemy AI is lacking and can result in soldiers standing motionless while their comrades are shot down around them. Slowdown does occur towards the end when the terrorists throw everything they have at you (including a helicopter gunship), and long loading times between levels don't help the cause either. There's no online play, but the lack of any multiplayer options at all is a more severe omission--this would have given longevity to a game that's absorbing but lacks true replay value. --Jonathan Winter Product Description Note to customers: This very violent and graphically realistic game is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. In Soldier of Fortune, players track down and take out a fanatical terrorist organization bent on mass murder and destruction. With an arsenal of deadly real-world weapons at your disposal, you'll engage in sabotage, stealthy assassination, and full frontal assaults in several intense missions. Only skill marks the difference between the hunter and the hunted.

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