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Puzzle Challenge Crosswords And More

Nintendo Wii

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Easy Crosswords - standard crosswords with easy clues Challenging Crosswords - standard crosswords with challenging clues Codebreakers - each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number, figure out which number matches which letter to fill in the crossword puzzle Cryptic - standard crosswords with cryptic clues Diamonds - standard crosswords lay out in a diamond shapePuzzle Challenge: Crosswords and More, over 1000 unique word and logic puzzle games arranged in an easy to use format, providing over 200 hours of game play. Full of puzzles and brainteasers to entertain and challenge all word puzzle lovers! Wordsearch - standard themed wordsearch puzzles Mini Wordsearch - themed wordsearch puzzles on a smaller grid Micro Wordsearch - themed wordsearch puzzles on a really small grid Kriss Kross - themed puzzles where you are given the words and you have to fill them into the crossword puzzle Mini Kriss Kross - smaller Kriss Kross puzzles Number Jig - crossword puzzles with numbers instead of words Backwords - crossword style puzzle where you are given the clues and a grid of letters where you fill in where the black squares should be

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