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Dave Mirra Bmx Challenge

Nintendo Wii

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BMX Legend Dave Mirra as featured rider 12 different customizable environments Customizable player characters Choose from 13 different bikes 1-4 playersDave Mirra BMX Challenge brings you all the big air and sick tricks you would expect from a game with Dave Mirra’s name on it. You’ll be challenged to racing and trick competitions to prove your skill on the ground as well as above it. Sophisticated bike and rider physics give the game realistic responsiveness, letting you feel every hill, snap every trick, and squeeze every bit of speed out of your rider. Lose your form, and you’ll feel those same physics drive you into the ground mercilessly. Kiss the sky or the concrete…it’s up to you. Here’s just some of the action awaiting you: THE SICKEST TRICKS - There are five basic types of tricks Air Tricks Modifier Tricks Manuals Grinds Specials As you progress and earn better bikes, your trick ability increases, letting you complete moves that defy gravity. Air Tricks - Air tricks are performed off jump boxes or quarter-pipes. Modifier Tricks - Modifiers are performed in conjunction with Air Tricks. These tricks "Modify" the original Air Trick, letting you freestyle creatively. Manuals - Manuals are a way for you to link tricks together to create true works of BMX art. Grind Tricks - Grind tricks are performed on rails or some type of 90-degree corner. Specials - Specials are superhuman tricks that can only be performed when your Adrenaline meter is full. THE HOTTEST SPOTS You’ll be able to compete in either exhibition mode or in novice or pro circuit modes. Explore all kinds of different terrains and environments to see where you find your soul moves. Location include: The Shipyard (Long Beach, CA) Sequoia (Forest) Snow Park (Ski Resort) Euro-Town (European Village) Mall of America (Shopping Mall) Refinery (Oil Refinery) North Shore The Mirra Compound BUILD THE BEST Dave Mirra BMX Challenge lets you design the ultimate BMX warrior. Define your physical characteristics and skill levels. Then outfit your rider with all the gear to suit your style – pants, boots, helmets…you name it. As you win races and prove your skill, you’ll gain access to better bikes en route to turning the BMX world on its head.

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