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Kengo Master Bushido

Playstation 2

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PlayStation Kengo: Master of Bushido is a Samurai fighting game where playersaim to win the Emperor's Tournament to become Master of Bushido. Each of the game's several stages has its own individual environments. Characters have different story lines and develop both their physical and mental skills throughout the game. Life and spirit gauges measure your offensive abilities, and the game has a "Samurai Reputation" system based on honor and technique. There are multiple game modes, including training, street battle, Imperial Tournament, survival battle, and head-to-head. Product description Kengo: Master of Bushido takes place during Japan's Genroku Period, from 1688 to 1704, and simulates the fighting style of Kendo. The game has 4 modes of play including Practice, Training, Dojo, and Sensei mode that offers a mix of fighting stages.

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