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You play a futuristic police marshall, sent to stop a clone uprising on a battle station. The clones have been exposed to a mutating virus that will spread if you don't contain them in the base at all costs. Shoot your way through ten levels of heart-stopping action -- killing as many aggressive, grotesque aliens & clones as possible Choose from a variety of incredible weapons -- from the 20mm pump-shotgun, flamethrower, plasma rifle, nailgun and more Complete 360-degree range of firing motion as you fight alien insects, mutated clones & 14 other enemies Pick up Modifiers to help you survive -- discover them by shooting through walls & ceilingsProduct Description Go head-to-head with terrifying alien hordes in this bleak futuristic action/adventure. Review It is a good thing this game only costs $20, because that's exactly what it's worth. Blowout is a side-scrolling shooter that will remind you of the glory days of Contra and Super Metroid, though it doesn't actually measure up to either title. It is mindlessly blasting carnage with heavy artillery and the jetpack I always wanted as a kid. Sure, the game is a bit bland and outdated, with dull environments and aliens that just look like pasty-colored bugs, but you've dropped $20 on things more stupid and worthless, like that Celine Dion action figure.Rated: 6.5 out of 10Editor: Joe JubaIssue: February 2004Subscribe to Game Informer -- Game Informer Review

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