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Ihra Drag Racing


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1 or 2 players IHRA Drag Racing Playstation Game Console Rated for Everyone Build your ultimate speed IHRA Drag Racing features some of the world's best-known drag-racing stars on one-quarter and one-eighth tracks, and allows newcomers to start racing in a matter of seconds while experts and fans can tinker with the tiniest details on their cars, customizing them to perfection. The game features 10 IHRA-sanctioned tracks, fully detailed weather and atmosphere dynamics, and both day and night racing. You can choose from 50 vehicles, including classics and late models from Top Fuel, Pro Mod, Pro Stock, and Funny Car. There are more than 70 vehicle components that can be customized on your car, including suspension, transmission, tires, aerodynamics, and electronics. There is full simulation of engine dynamics, including fuels, cams, blowers, and nitrous injection. Product description IHRA Motorsports Drag Racing For Playstation  STILL SEALED!  NOTHIN' BUT ATTITUDE!  Get Ready To Get Blown Away  Race Against the Hottest DriversFull Body Shop Build Your Ultimate Speed MachineNitro-Burning Dragsters  Rated "E" for Everyone 

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