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Airforce Delta Strike

Playstation 2

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Exhilarating arcade-action flight combat with realistic fighters, in this latest installment of the hit combat series Choose from over 20 pilots, each with their own personalities and skills Fly the deadly skies in 60 squad-based missions inover 100 planes -- from WWII fighter to futuristic aircraft from classic Konami games Missions and storylines are non-linear -- the choices you make will affect the game's outcome. You'll have a different experience every time you play!Product Description AirForce Delta Strike screams its way onto the PS2 with breathtaking air combat action. Features over 130 planes from WWII classics to the latest mulirole fighters. Over 20 pilots with unique attributes and personalities combine with 60 plot-intensive missions for exhilarating gameplay. Lead The Blue Wing Knights squadron victory in this interstellar battle for survival! Review As I rocketed through the clouds down into the eye of a tornado, I suddenly realized that my heart was racing, I had been holding my breath for the last 20 seconds, my hands were tensing up, and perspiration was forming above my brow. If this tautness persisted any longer, I'd likely keel over within the next minute or two. Now, you're probably sitting there wondering why I'm giving a game that I claim to be a white-knuckle thrillride such a mediocre rating. As it turns out, tension-filled moments like the one that I've just described are spread apart by hours of mindless aerial combat that will likely lull you to sleep.It's not the prettiest game in the skies, either. In fact, saying that it resembles an airborne flaming garbage heap isn't too far off of the mark. Where the assortment of craft show intricate detailing in their designs, the texture of the terrain, and effects accompanying explosions can most accurately be termed pixelated abominations.To this day, I still find myself floored by the fact that the game has over 130 different playable craft. It's like the Pokémon of the friendly skies! Many of these vessels are similar in design, but the majority of them either control differently or feature different armor types and payload sizes. Old-fashioned World War II craft, new-age stealth fighters, and even vehicles from Konami's classic arcade shooter Gradius can all be unlocked and piloted. In this regard, the game simply radiates replay. Given how shoddy the controls in the previous two entries in the series have been, I actually like how this follow-up plays. The Novice control set is a little too tight for my liking, but the Expert scheme proves to be very precise and intelligently mapped to the controller.Since this story is set in the future, you never really know what to expect from the missions. Mind-numbingly dull dogfighting is usually involved, but you may find yourself combating a battle station in outer space, locating the weak spot on massive ground vehicles, or escorting a train across a sea of elevated tracks. To rattle gamers' nerves and generate a false sense of excitement, NPC characters are constantly yelling commands in your direction. Constantly is the key word here. They never shut up! It drove me nuts!Had the enemy AI been better, the speed not so sluggish, and the combat a little bit more on the arcade side like Secret Weapons Over Normandy, this game could have been something special. For the third consecutive time, however, it falls right in line with the series' track record of being simply average.Concept:Exhilarating dogfighting with science fiction themes and over 100 playable craft Graphics:The aircraft modeling is respectable, but nothing else really jumps off of the screen Sound:For the first time I find myself saying that there's too much spoken dialogue. Just shut up and let me fly! Playability:Decent controls, tons of missions, and great variance in planes round out an enjoyable gameplay package Entertainment:Loaded with noteworthy bonuses Replay:Moderately High Rated: 7 out of 10Editor: Andrew ReinerIssue: February 20042nd Opinion: Although I often speak of my undying love for the Super Nintendo, saying that a title reminds me of an SNES game is not always a compliment. Airforce Delta Strike, while not a terrible game, reminds me of some of the mediocre flight sims that appeared on my cherished system. Much like those forgotten games, Delta Strike lacks any sensation of speed whatsoever, and while the graphics are superior to the SNES, they are still far from impressive. The

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