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Silent Scope

Playstation 2

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PS2Product Description With the amount of ammunition players are expected to use in the average shooting game, one could just as well crush enemies under the weight of their spent shells. But not so for Silent Scope, where the plan is to drop the target with one squeeze of the trigger--even at hundreds of yards away. In this game, you're a highly trained sniper with the most advanced long-range weapon available, outfitted with night-vision scope and a laser sight. You'll line your target up while it's just a dot to the naked eye, then put the crosshairs on it in your long-range scope and make the kill. In a variety of antiterrorist missions, Silent Scope will have you working on targets as varied as camouflaged foot soldiers and Harrier jets. A meter ticks off your opportunity to fire the shot, but you can sometimes buy a little more time by ringing a shot over the target's head. Since the element of surprise is the key to your profession, you'll need to learn to aim accurately and shoot quickly. Fortunately, the game includes a training mode to help you do just that. Like other arcade games before it--Crazy Taxi, Dead or Alive 2, and various zombie games, among others--Silent Scope will help give a major push to a new console system. And, while the PlayStation2 might take its initial bows with nothing but praise, Silent Scope likely will be a magnet to the iron filings of controversy: it involves guns, blood, and body counts. In Silent Scope, you become a sniper within an elite counterterrorist organization. Tasked with rescuing the kidnapped daughter of the U.S. President, the player must take out any terrorist targets carefully, without injuring hostages or innocent bystanders. Silent Scope features a bandoleer-full of cool missions that take the player to such diverse locations as cities (downtown), freeways, and sprawling estates. Players also must carry out challenging objectives from various land, sea, and air perches. While Silent Scope might be the first console game to recreate accurately the feeling of being an antiterrorist sniper, one must remember that Virtua Cop introduced the concept of blowing the bad guys away to Sega Saturn users years ago. In fact, the game pays homage to Virtua Cop in that the entire targeting methodology looks and operates the same way. Because the game's onscreen targeting system has an adjustable zoom on the scope, it provides a level of accuracy that heretofore was unknown in console games. All the better to see the highly detailed graphics that have been taken straight from the arcade original (although manhandled and retrofitted by Konami's art team to fit into the PS2's more texture-space-challenged RAM allocation). Minus the physicality of the arcade game's "big gun," the home game is surprisingly similar in play. There are beginner and advanced modes, which takes into account that most folks, although the game might make them feel like super agent-snipers, can't really shoot like one. Casual gamers and serious students alike will enjoy the fact that a near miss causes a terrorist to duck and/or take cover, thus allowing more time to aim for the whites of his eyes, or simply to put a few rounds in his center of mass. The game's boss encounters also are fun and imaginative. For instance, it's up to you whether you go "full metal jacket" and destroy an attacking Harrier Jump Jet with a barrage of bullets, or calmly line up a head shot on the pilot and emerge victorious with a single squeeze of the trigger. --Todd MowattPros:Many cool missions and settings Both beginner and advanced modes Cons:Will be too violent for some Review With a few notable exceptions, gun games have remained unchanged for several years. Silent Scope was one of those notable exceptions. It was an arcade game based around a sniper rifle that contained a small screen inside its scope, giving you the ability to shoot bad guys with incredible precision. Now, the gimmick-driven gam

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