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Compete against the greatest athletes on earth in ESPN International Track & Field. Compete as or against top Olympic athletes in over 10 real world events. ESPN International Track and Field features over 750 motion-captured animations and true-to-life graphics and sounds that capture the spirit of international track and field competition.Product Description The classic video game series Track & Field finds its way to the PlayStation2! Get ready to compete against the world's greatest athletes--courtesy of Sony's Emotion Engine technology. The fluid motion and lifelike design of your competitors belie their computer origins. For example, the motion-capture animation of 100-meter-dash record breaker Maurice Greene ensures that his movements are realistic from the blocks to the tape. ESPN Track & Field, like others in its series, includes a wide range of events, including the long jump, skeet shooting, weight lifting, and gymnastics. Players can compete as total athletes in the championship mode or go straight for their favorites in the single-event mode. Review After publishing an array of Track & Field titles for Sony's PlayStation console, Konami puts its best foot forward with ESPN International Track & Field on the PlayStation 2. Utilizing the raw power of the PlayStation 2 hardware, the game leaps out with smooth 60fps visuals and a distinctly ESPN look, while also packing solid button-mashing gameplay. Grab your controller, a Multitap, and some friends - ESPN International Track & Field seeks to bring the thrill of competition into your home. Initially, the game offers ten events: the 100-meter dash, 110-meter hurdles, long jump, pole vault, javelin throw, 100-meter freestyle swim, weight lifting, horizontal bar, trap shooting, and rhythmic gymnastics. However, success in these can unlock two additional events: the hammer throw and the high jump. There's a trial mode for practicing and a championship mode for competition, but additional mode selections and character options are nowhere to be found. If you desire a create-a-player mode or custom team options, you won't find them here. Oddly enough, while the PlayStation 2 version of the game adds the rhythmic gymnastics event, it also loses the women's vault from the Dreamcast version. Despite minimal features, International Track & Field rocks in terms of gameplay. Adhering to the double-tap control mechanics that Konami pioneered in the 1980's, International Track & Field is easy to pick up, hard to master, and physically tiring. Every event, whether it involves running or strength building, uses repeated tapping of the X and circle buttons to increase onscreen speed or power meters. When the meters reach a certain level, the up and down digital pad buttons or the L1 button serve as action buttons, enacting the necessary array of jumps, throws, lifts, crouches, reloads, and swings required by the game's 12 events. Response is quick and precise, and the use of alternating button presses isn't frantic enough to lead to frustration. One thing is for sure - thanks to the game's more relaxed mashing mechanics, the PlayStation 2 version of International Track & Field is a bit less painful on the appendages than the Dreamcast edition. Thanks to its intuitive control, International Track & Field's renditions of the 100-meter dash, long jump, freestyle swim, pole vault, and hammer throw are better and more realistic than those of any other modern track and field game. Of special mention are the horizontal bar and rhythmic gymnastic events, which require you to do Dance Dance Revolution-style timed button presses in order to perform gymnastics movements. Since there's no use of analog controls for timing, the javelin throw and triple jump events in the PlayStation 2 version are also much more enjoyable than those in the Dreamcast release. Other than a lack of things to do in single-player mode, ESPN International Track & Field excels at all of the events it aims to portray. In terms of visuals, the PS2 release of ESPN International Track & Field improves upon the Dreamcast release in most areas. Utilizing the PlayStation 2's additional horsepower, the game's stadiums, fields, and arenas are teeming with a plethora of minute details, such as blowing flags, flowing clouds, and Diamond Vision screen

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