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Nascar Heat


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PlayStation Video Game sports Racing Action / adventureProduct Description Don't just sit there and watch NASCAR on your TV--race against the most recognized wheelmen in the business with NASCAR Heat. Based on the 2000 season, you'll compete against 30 NASCAR drivers, including Richard Petty. NASCAR Heat offers both single-race and championship modes where you choose the driver and track, but certainly more interesting is the Race the Pro mode that matches your skills against the replicated laps of professional drivers. And with realistic scratches, sparks, skids, and collisions--as well as a variety of TV-style camera angles--built into the game, you'll wonder where the motor-oil commercials went. NASCAR Heat has some good things going for it. For starters, it's packed with pro drivers and their cars, which are detailed with every decal that fans could ask for. It also features every track on the circuit, from the superspeedways to the short courses. Of course, any NASCAR game that didn't have these features would be a disappointment. Surprisingly, the gameplay adds a few twists to the standard paradigm, including a draft meter, which can be used to determine the best time to pass other cars. The concept of drafting has been used in previous racing games; here, however, players actually can tell how much speed they're gaining from friends in front of them. Also helpful is a break meter that tells players what percentage of breaking power they're using, and the game gives advice on how much breaking should be done in specific turns. The best part about NASCAR Heat is its collection of challenges, which are prefaced by video tutorials. About the only place in which this game fails is the graphics and sound department. The grainy cars and tracks, along with a lack of music during races, detract from the overall experience. Also, don't expect any mind-boggling crashes. --Robb GuidoPros:Long list of challenges All of the cars, drivers, and courses Cons:Grainy graphics, and nonexistent music during races

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