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Nhl Powerplay 96


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The ONLY game with a full selection of offensive and defensive plays in Exhibition, Season, Playoff or World Tournament Modes. The ONLY game with advanced artificial intelligence, so players strategize and react true-to-life. The ONLY game with a true 3-D environment and motion-captured players wearing real NHL uniforms. The ONLY game with a World Tournament Event plus, NHL players, teams and stats.Review Every year another batch of hockey games attempts to steal the hockey throne from EA Sports. NHL Powerplay '96 is a competent hockey title, but it lacks the punch that EA's hockey games have on the Genesis... Powerplay '96 feels like a cold, soulless game, and players will derive little of the satisfaction that comes from a well-executed play or a bone-crushing check into the boards. Graphically, Powerplay is fine but not spectacular. The polygon players look a little jagged, especially during the after-goal close-ups. The camera scrolls erratically, which could cause a touch of nausea after a few games. The sound is standard hockey fare, though the "thwack" of the puck hitting the glass is included. Music is used only during the set-up screens. The game is very license-friendly. Not only are real NHL teams with real NHL players available, but several Olympic teams also make an appearance. Of course, having all of the these teams doesn't mean a thing if it's not possible to control them. While Powerplay '96 includes several moves and actions not found in other hockey games, the control simply isn't precise enough for crisp play. So, while it's possible to perform many different types of checks and shots, gamers will need to spend some serious time getting used to the way the hockey players skate. Until then, be prepared to miss checks, blow past the puck, and skate backwards for a long, long time. The artificial intelligence is listed as one of the game's selling points, but it isn't smart enough to learn from its mistakes - it fell into the same traps over and over again, making the computer a fairly beatable opponent. All in all, Powerplay '96 is just another average hockey game. It gets the job done, and masks its shortcomings with a lot of bells and whistles. But players who want serious hockey action should either look elsewhere in the 32-bit market or hook up their Genesis and break out one of EA's many hockey games. --Jeff Gerstmann --Copyright ©1999 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. GameSpot and the GameSpot logo are trademarks of GameSpot Inc. -- GameSpot Review From the Manufacturer A professional hockey simulation with real and updated NHL players teams and stats. Features an advanced artificial intelligence challenging players to strategize and react in true-to-life fashion. Plus a full selection of offensive and defensive plays in Exhibition Season Play-off and World Tournament modes. All in an excitingly-rendered motion-captured environment with real NHL uniforms NHL arenas and NHL action.

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