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Over The Hedge

Gameboy Advance

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Assume the roles of RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle and Hammy the squirrel, in a suburb loaded with dangerous obstacles and traps Follows the storyline of the movie and allows players to experience the adventures for themselves Also features an all-new storyline where the characters must figure out how to save their woodland home from being overtaken by a new housing development Over 20 unique, heist-oriented missions in some of the most visually exciting 3D platforming gameplay ever seen on the NDS The game is shown on both screens and players can use the NDS microphone to distract and surprise enemiesFrom the Manufacturer Based on the feature film from DreamWorks Animation, Over the Hedge for the Game Boy Advance takes players on an interactive adventure beyond the film. Assuming the roles of RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle, and Hammy the squirrel, players turn a suburban neighborhood loaded with dangerous obstacles and traps into their own personal playground. Over the Hedge for Game Boy Advance closely follows the storyline of the movie and allows players to experience the adventures for themselves. Features:Players experience the camaraderie and wacky adventures of three woodland creatures as they take over suburbia: using the unique personalities and skills of RJ, Verne, and Hammy, gamers conquer a neighborhood filled with foes such as Nugent the dog, Vincent the bear, the Taxidermist, and Gladys Sharp, the animal-hating president of the homeowner’s association. Follow the movie’s storyline in Over The Hedge for the Game Boy Advance: Gamers accept challenges and quests that lead them through actual film adventures. Players must master stealth and heist situations each with its own unique location. Traveling from the forest through the suburban sprawl, players use cartoon weaponry in tandem with avoidance techniques to overcome dangerous machines, villainous gadgets, and unfriendly animals. Advice and hints are offered to the player by the other members of the forest family, including Stella the skunk, Ozzie and Heather, the father-and-daughter possums, and the porcupine family, headed by Lon and Penny.

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