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X-Men Legends


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Choose a team of 4 powerful X-Men for each mission, switching between them in Real-time controls After solving problems and facing enemies, players will get to Upgrade Character attributes -- unlock new moves and skills while you play, to build a better team Epic storyline with plot twists, intrigue and cliffhangers Explore a 3D game world with fully-destructible environments and fully-rendered cinematic sequences Intense multiplayer modes for up to 4 others -- plus dynamic joining lets gaming partners jump in at any timeEarth is falling under a shroud of evil. The X-Men's greatest adversary, Magneto, has returned to wreak havoc worldwide. When it's learned that this brilliant villain has devised a plan to give mutants the power to reign supreme over humans, the X-Men are forced to go to battle. Failure means imprisonment of the human race and a final defeat of the X-Men's noble cause. In order to save the world from certain destruction at Magnet's hands, players must pick from a roster of 15 popular X-Men characters, including Wolverine, Gambit and Storm, to create, customize, and control teams of 4 in real-time action. Authored by former X-Men comic book writers, the original storyline is rife with plot twists and intrigue - immersing players in the most immersive X-Men quest ever.

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