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Mat Hoffman's Pro Bmx 2


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10 World Vert Titles, 1 Epic Road Trip Product Information All you need for endless hours of single or multiplayer action. Ride as theundisputed King of BMX Mat Hoffman or as one of 10 other top pro ridersincluding Ruben Alcantara, Cory Nastazio, Mike Escamilla, Nathan Wessel, JoeKowalski and many more. The game features hours of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from MatHoffman's Pro Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 challenges players to perform hundreds of tricks and signature moves in a variety of realistic, obstacle-filled street, vert, and dirt freestyle courses. Using an intuitive and solid control scheme, the game features two-player H-O-R-S-E, split-screen demolition derby, and graffiti for all three types of courses. Gamers can also play in career mode, moving up the ranks to win the ultimate BMX crown by unlocking new courses and upgrading their bikes and rider abilities. Players can create their own custom BMX courses in real-time 3-D, with more than 100 different variations of ramps, rails, fun boxes, and other obstacles. Product Description Rip sick tricks with the pros as Mat "The Condor" Hoffman and 7 of the greatest names in the sport get moving on this mega-charged BMX blowout tour. Great sports action gaming delivers an over-the-top experience. You can perform hundreds of tricks with the all new trick morpher as you get into 3 modes of play, including Road Trip, Wreak Havoc and Multiple 2-Player modes. Take it one step further and build your own BMX course using the next-generation course editor and you'll be looking for your own set of wings. So get ready to take a US road trip with Mat Hoffman and some of the greatest BMX riders of all time in the ultimate biking game. Ride 8 huge, free-roaming, fully populated levels open for all kinds of mad stunts that you can customize for your style of riding using the trick tweaking system and grab bag of flatland tricks. Mat Hoffman is also the only BMX game featuring the frantic 2-Player Push mode - don't blow it, or you'll wiped be off the screen.

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