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Wappy Dog With Toy

Nintendo Ds

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Wappy Dog brings forth the next generation of interactive toys, connecting a physical toy dog with the virtual world, where young gamers care for and raise their very own interactive puppy to adulthood through an immersive experience communicated through the Nintendo DS. Each Wappy Dog is a personalized experience enabling players to customize both the virtual and physical versions with different colors and accessories. Players train and care for their Wappy Dog to determine their pet's constantly evolving personality, skills, and happiness, as well as use their game system to communicate with their dog. Wappy will respond virtually to prompts sent in-game with tail-wags and tricks, as well as physically through vocal barks and movement. Players choose between "Home Mode", which enables them to engage with the physical dog through the Nintendo DS, or "Travel Mode", which allows on-the-go Nintendo DS players to continue caring for and playing with their pet virtually. When players reunite their system with their physical pet, the two entities sync to enable the same dynamic personality and status giving players constant access to their pet. Unprecedented level of interaction with an interactive pet toy An owner's interaction with Wappy Dog determines the dog's mood, happiness, and constantly evolving personality. Five uniquely varied age states will be accompanied by changing reactions, songs and even the pitch of its voice. More than 18 conversational prompts are answered with more than 350 evolving responses, with each "barked" response translated by the Nintendo DS software. Each Wappy Dog is a personalized experience Owners can customize the physical Wappy with provided sticker sheets. In-game, players can personalize Wappy Dog's appearance, environment, and accessories. Players can also give their Wappy Dog a nickname while in-game, to further personalize their pet. Train and care for a virtual puppy Owners will care for the dog in the virtual world, grooming and feeding Wappy Dog. Playing and caring builds a healthy bond between pet and owner. Owners can teach their pet new songs, dances, and tricks. Training and care-taking grant new interactions and accessories to players as well as increases the dog's stats. Fun and exciting mini-games Engage in cooperative, competitive or supportive mini-games will continue to develop the friendship. Use in-game toys to play with Wappy Dog. Take Wappy Dog anywhere Thanks to data exchange between the toy and game system, the digital and physical Wappy are the same dog. In Travel Mode, transfer Wappy to your Nintendo DS to continue the experience in a virtual world. When you get home, progress will transfer back to the physical dog as if you never left.

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