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Puppy Luv Spa And Resort

Gameboy Advance

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Make customers' pets happy and watch your business bloom! Open multiple spas in different locations. 10 different levels. Grooming, Bathing and Feeding minigames. Give VIP pets special attention to earn more money.Turn puppies into profit with Puppy Luv: Spa & Resort! Unlike its predecessor, this is no pet sim, but rather a business sim that sees you starting out with the goal to successfully manage an animal resort. The journey starts with a meager establishment in the outskirts of a small and casual village. Keep the clients happy by taking extra special care of their precious pets and run your business well to increase your profits and attract a wider variety of clientele. As your resort improves, you'll move on to bigger and better locations and facilities until you end up in the poshest pooch spa in Beverly Hills, California. he more you cater to the dogs' every desire, the more stars your business will earn, and don't think that dogs are the limit - the Kitty Kare feature ensures that cats can get the royal treatment, too! Open spas and resorts in towns and cities all over the United States, including the glitzy locale of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Wichita, Kansas. Hire, manage and fire staff to help you achieve puppy spa perfection. Be mindful of the needs of a variety of demanding customers and purchase items that will help you keep your pooch-pampering patrons happy. Keep an eye on every aspect of your enterprise, and you'll end up at the top of the pet care game - working for the brightest stars in Hollywood with your multimillion-dollar resort in Beverly Hills! ESRB Rated E for Everyone

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