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Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Maxed


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Select from 21 top pro paintball players including Greg Red Hastings, Keely Watson, and more Get equipment from 25 real-life paintball sponsors 3 game types to play - Elimination, Capture the Flag, Center Flag Cheat Meter - Try to wipe paint without getting caught Twenty nine tourneys designed around the pro circuit. If customer the game disc does not play on their console, their system may need to be replaced or the disc reader lens on their console needs to be cleaned or replaced. From the Manufacturer Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball offers the most complete and realistic paintball experience without taking a paintball to the chest. This fast, intense, and dynamic game offers players a truly exhilarating sporting experience incorporating all the most integral elements of actual paintball action. With real pros, authentic venues, sponsors, and equipment, Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball is the cornerstone of a new franchise and genre in the sporting games market. Features:Three game types to play--Elimination, Capture the Flag, and Center Flag Cheat meter--try to wipe paint without getting caught Switch marker hands from left to right 14 top pro paintball players 25 real-life paintball sponsors to provide an authentic experience Real-life paintball fields and tournament locations Single Player 19 tournaments to play 98 different field layouts Play against up to 80 different opponent teams, including 69 real-life teams Advance from rookie to novice to amateur to pro Gain experience points and increase your skills Multiplayer Xbox Live and System Link enabled Communicate on the field with the use of Xbox voice communicator Play on-line with up to seven-on-seven team play 20 unique locations to play 179 different field layouts

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