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He spins a web, swings across the sky and lands with a somersault onto the Daily Bugle building. Who is this masked hero? It's you! Fight, jump and web-sling as Spider-Man as you take on a legion of sinister villains. The city is depending on you.Product Description Take a look overhead--Spider-Man is arriving to the Nintendo 64 just in time. As the beloved photojournalist-cum-webslinger, you'll explore New York's skyline, sewers, and hideouts to fulfill several side-scrolling missions. Use Spider-Man's superhuman strength to fight such notorious foes as Scorpion, Venom, and Rhino. Use his spider abilities to spin webs (any size) so you can disable and detain bosses, swing around buildings, and creep along walls and ceilings. And thanks to your spider-sense, you'll detect impending danger from a distance. There is no wealth or fame at the end of this game, however; action is your only reward. A 3-D action-adventure game starring everyone's favorite webhead, Spider-Man is quite a rarity--a superhero video game that's worth playing. Featuring an original story jam-packed with characters and locations from the comics, and, more importantly, gameplay that does our hero justice, this is one title that won't disappoint Spidey fans. While Spider-Man's story line (told via a slide show of comic book panels) is linear, there's great freedom of movement within the game's 3-D indoor and outdoor environments. True to comic book form, you can climb walls and travel about webswinging, although the former can be disorientating in terms of point-of-view, and the latter is often a leap of faith, as the game's shoddy graphics (even with the optional Expansion Pak) create a restricted field of vision. In addition to being able to do all sorts of nifty things with your webspinners, Spidey's superstrength, superagility, and spider-sense (for which you'll want a Rumble Pak to feel the patented tingle) are also accounted for. As for his superhuman reflexes, well, that one's really up to you. --Joe HonPros:Gameplay that actually does Spider-Man justice Simple in-game display; solid controls Lots of secrets unlock in records and gallery modes Kid mode simplifies controls and gameplay for younger players Cons:Shoddy graphics can cause Spidey to go splat Point-of-view can be disorienting at times PlayStation version features much-improved graphics and sound

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