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2 game types 5 zones New power-ups and increased fire power 2 player modeProduct Description The original arcade version of Asteroids was an early milestone in video game design. The controls were easy to master, yet each new level provided enough challenge to keep arcade goers depositing quarter after quarter. This new generation--a port from a recent PC and PlayStation release--immediately updates the original idea with colorful 3-D and other enhanced features. Your ship now has to contend with metal-crushing black holes, hidden enemy spaceships, and bursting solar flares. And your ship will also have new defenses at the ready, including homing missiles, bombs, and forward shields that will allow your tiny craft to plow through just about anything. All of these added features, however, don't detract from the thrust-and-fire thrill of the original, which means that parents might want to play head-to-head against their kids on a single Game Boy or on two (using the separately sold cable link). And if this update makes you wish for the classic arcade Asteroids of yesteryear, look for the hidden 2-D, vector-style original inside this version. Asteroids, like other classic games from the original video arcade era, is still fondly remembered by retro gamers--and for good reason. This game reminds many gamers of an age when gameplay was more important than graphics. The first few levels play just like the original Asteroids game. Your ship starts in the middle of the screen, spins, and blasts asteroids. You can thrust about and pick up some nifty power-ups, but the game doesn't really heat up until later stages. For example, the second stage introduces dangerous black holes that you must avoid. Strangely enough, the final levels play somewhat like another classic game, Missile Command. There are lots of hidden goodies in this game, from new ships to an embedded version of the original wire-frame Asteroids. Fortunately, this version offers more than a simple facelift to the aging arcade game. Asteroidsis simple enough to pick up and play for a few minutes, yet addictive enough to keep you occupied for hours. Retro arcade fans should put this one on their shortlist. --T. Byrl BakerPros: Good color support Addictive gameplay Hidden extras Cons: Very unforgiving collision detection

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