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Battalion Wars


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Command forces in the heat of battle, but beware -- clever enemy AI will adapt to every move Hop behind the wheel of multiple attack vehicles - Pilot jeeps, tanks, helicopters, airborne gunships, fighter jets, transport vehicles and more Take the fight to foes with a massive arsenal of weapons such as rifles, bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, mortars, rocket launchers and many others Countries will rise or fall based on players' tactics, and guiding troops has never been easier. Want to station forces on a ridge? Send a scout team to spy on the enemy? Charge headlong into the breach? Battalion Wars lets players do it all at the touch oBattalion Wars takes the popular turn-based startegy game, Advance Wars, and brings it to your GameCube. In this fast-paced, 3D, real-time combat game, it's the end of the 21st century and a global conflict has erupted between two superpowers. Their armies are at a standstill, weakened from years of constant battle -- when a despotic warlord makes his move. Weakened and frightened, the two largest superpowers call a truce and unite to face a new threat to them both. That's where you come in. You're an experienced commander leading men of both armies into battle. Can your small force use pluck and guile to overcome the forces of darkness, or will both nations fall under the boot heels of a madman?

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