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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Gameboy Advance

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Multiple dangers and obstacles to avoid - Over 100 levels of conveyor belts, switches, spikes, ladders, and more Fun animation, graphics and gameplay take you back to the classic feel of early games Use the recaptured toys as clues to solve puzzles and move to the next level Mario has great new moves -- Double-jumps, backflips, handstands, even catching barrels with his feet Supports the GC-GBA link cable - link your GBA to your GameCube and use the level editor on your TV screenProduct Description Donkey Kong has swiped all the Mini Mario toys from the Mario Toy Company and it's up to Mario to track him down and get back the goods. In Mario vs. Donkey Kong you'll leap, climb, and battle your way through increasingly challenging levels using switches, conveyor belts, hammers and other tools to save the day. Shy guys, piranha plants, bob-ombs, and other classic mushroom kingdom bad guys, stand between Mario and his goal. Master new moves and scale the mind-boggling heights of 6 action-packed worlds. Review Years from now, people's memories of this game will probably outshine its reality. Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a quick romp that has you using Mario's impressive action moveset to complete a series of puzzle rooms. That being said, the speed of the game seems to highlight its brevity – I was smoking through worlds in no time, but didn't get all of the collectibles. I guess I could go back later to be a completist, but I'm not really that kind of girl. Instead, I enjoyed my time collecting the toys that Donkey Kong had stolen from Toad's little factory of joy. Each of the worlds follows a basic structure: six puzzle levels each composed of two sections (get the key to the door and grab a wayward toy), followed by one Mini-Mario level where Mario gets the little Lemmings-like versions of himself to a toy chest, and the boss battle. In these sections, DK will flip color switches and drop debris on you – players have to hit the ape a certain number of times before they die. It's pretty basic stuff, really.Where Nintendo's quality truly comes into play, though, is the level design. Large-scale puzzles with a perfect ramp up of skill acquisition and difficulty carry players through the whole quest. There are few outside the Big N who could consistently deliver this caliber of action/puzzle gameplay, and I took great joy in using each new skill I received. They are easy to use, make sense, and the level design generally makes it really apparent what move players should use in which situations. Genius!I guess that this game doesn't bowl me over just because I felt like I was always going to finish a level in two (at the most three) attempts. Doing the math, that means a few hours of gameplay for most players – some more if you're intent on unlocking everything. I wasn't, so its time in my GBA will be limited. Despite my hesitance to proclaim this a miracle of modern handheld puzzle gaming, I don't want to understate how well executed this title is. Mario vs. Donkey Kong offers a really good time for everyone, while it lasts.Concept:Update the Mario/Donkey Kong puzzlers with new moves, graphics, sound, and situations Graphics:Nice 3D hero models and the now-standard Super Mario Advance series' graphics Sound:Mario is one chatty little bugger, and the sound effects are useful for gauging the play field Playability:Timing is crucial and some of the puzzles are deliciously mind-bending Entertainment:Short, but sweet Replay:ModerateRated: 7.5 out of 10Editor: Lisa MasonIssue: June 20042nd Opinion: This is one of the rare Mario titles that seems like it was tailored for a specific audience, rather than the masses. The feeling is very reminiscent of the arcade classic Mario Bros., and the puzzle-oriented gameplay makes me flash back to the glory days of the original Game Boy. The graphics and sound are great, but the stages only offer one ideal path through them, so most won't feel compelled to revisit them often. Of course, Mario fanatics will love this title for its clever amalgamation of classic Mario and Donkey Kong elements, and puzzle gamers will enjoy the non-repetitive levels, but others won't be so impressed. The Mario titles are famous for pushing gaming forward, while this title looks squarely backwards.Rated: 7.5 out of 10Editor: Jeremy ZossSubscribe to Game Informer -- Game Informer Review

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