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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

Gameboy Color

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6 play modes, characters from the popular television show two-player Link Cable support a Training mode for extra practice music and sound effects straight from the original Pokemon Pokémon Puzzle League builds on the simple yet challenging gameplay of Tetris Attack. Colored blocks appear from the bottom of the screen; to make them disappear, players must line up three blocks of the same color by switching any two side-by-side blocks. Players can compete against the computer via a split screen, or against a friend via the separately sold Game Link Cable. Creating chain reactions of matches will toss blocks into your opponent's screen. The game features characters from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver. Also, Pokémon Puzzle League's battery-save feature will remember the layout and your position, should your Game Boy Color be turned of in the middle of a game. Product description In a rising pit of colored blocks, it's your task to continuously eliminate these tiles by switching two tiles' positions on the horizontal row. When three or more tiles link up in a up/down or left/right fashion, they disappear. Gravity kicks in and settles the rest of the tiles into the bin ? this can cause a chain reaction to occur since other blocks of the same color can fall into place next to each other. It's up to you to continuously work the bin to wipe out tiles by making combination connections and chain reactions. That's the game in a nutshell, but there are several modes of play that'll keep your fingers busy. In the game's Challenge mode, for example, you're up against a computer opponent and you'll have to make combos and chain reactions to send garbage blocks to his unseen screen -- but keep in mind your opponent's doing the same to you.

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