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Speed Kings

Playstation 2

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Seneca - Wichita, KS

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This is illegal racing at its deadliest -- all that matters is getting to the finish line first. Do whatever you have to do, to take first place & walk away with the prize money. You'll need nerves of steel and lightning-quick reflexes to survive - jump over road work, power-slide under 18-wheelers, and try to avoid becoming a smear on the pavement when facing oncoming traffic Race on interactive street environments with moving traffic and destructible objects Try to be the racing kind as you ride 22 bikes, all based on production and custom real-world models Run from the police and avid getting knocked off your bike by rival racersIn Speed Kings recreates the buzz of speeding down a major city street and 180MPH, with only inches separating you from the asphalt! Use the Speed King boost-point system to earn upgrades Unlock reward-based hidden features keep the action coming

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