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Interact with over 30 species of animals in the forest Unlock forest areas such as swamps, woodlands, and castle ruins Interconnected world changes in real time based on your actions Different tasks to complete and challenges to solve Up to 4 players can play together at the same SimAnimals, the latest Sim video game from Electronic Arts, lets you explore a vast forest of wild animals and make it your own. With over 30 species of animals spread out in the woodlands, swamps, and more, this game will reveal secrets about the wilderness and teach you what it takes to survive in the wildlife. Engage with Your Favorite Animals Whether you like bears, foxes, badgers, squirrels, or owls, SimAnimals lets you touch, move, and play with them and other animals from the Northern Hemisphere. Using the Wii remote, you can pick an animal up and bring him to his friends, feed a bear, and touch just about everything in the forest, including trees and flowers. Depending on how you treat the animals, they will either trust you or fear you, which in turn will affect how they evolve. How the forest ends up is up to you, but remember that you can only unlock new forest areas and explore into areas such as the swamps or castle ruins when the animals are happy. There are a total of 11 areas that need to be unlocked one at a time. Interactive, Dynamic Environment All of the areas in the forest are connected, and what you do in one area will cause changes to happen in another. For example, if the beavers build a dam, it will create a lake on one side of it while removing the water on the other side. This in turn can create a large amount of ducks in the lake, but plants that needed water down the river might die out. You'll have a lot of fun watching all these changes in the world occur in real time. Solve Different Challenges and Discover Forest Secrets SimAnimals provides players with different challenges to solve in order to live happily in the forest. You'll have to figure out which plants grow better when near water, which foods different animals need to live near, and more. As you get further into the forest, you'll meet animals with special abilities and one-of-a-kind objects. Play Together in the Forest with your Friends You can have up to three other friends to play with you in the forest, interacting with the animals all at once. Your idea of a good forest might conflict with someone else's, and you'll see interesting results every time you play. Product description SimAnimals Wii

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