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Burnout Revenge


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The all-new revenge meter tracks underhanded tactics and leads gamers toward payback Every vehicle on the road is in play -- ram traffic into your rivals, slam cars into pile-ups Traffic Attack pits gamers against the clock - level it by any means necessary Grudge Match lets you take care of enemies Features multi-level tracks designed for fighting at top speedBurnout Revenge straps gamers in for the fastest and most dangerous racer on the road. This time, the race isn't about winning -- you're out for revenge. The other racers will either get out of your way or go down in flames. The rules of the track don't apply here -- it's automotive anarchy between vindictive racing rivals and anything else that gets between you and the finish line. Explosive all-new crashbreakers, with wide-open crash courses for epic sequences Take your rage online with endless possibilities in online mode

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