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Looney Tunes Back In Action

Playstation 2

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Run, jump, slide and bounce along in this exciting platform adventure -- take control of Bugs or Daffy and use their abilities to get past obstacles Jump into five environments taken from the film's wildest locations - from Hollywood back lots to African jungles to the mysterious Area 52 It's a global scavenger hunt where you'll have to collect Munnies and bag Munkeys, as you figure out the best(and funniest) way to get from Point A to Point B Go up against classic cartoon enemies like Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote and Marvin The Martian -- and outwit them, just like Bugs always did Help Bugs and Daffy stop the sinister plans of the ACME Corporation and save the Earth!Quest for the Blue Monkey Diamond as you travel from the secret Alien Area 52, visit Hollywood back-lots, and descend into the jungles of Africa as you run, jump, slide and bounce your way through this unbelievable adventure.

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