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Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

Playstation 2

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Ty is an unlikely savior of the Tasmanian tigers -- they've all been trapped in the Dreamtime and Ty's out to get them out, using nothing but his boomerangs & bites! Explore 16 wild and wooly levels and use 8 different boomerangs, from flamorangs frostyrangs Collect power-ups and unleash the power of Ty's Super-Chomp Uncover teh secret areas and special missions you must accomplish to get all the pieces of the missing artifact Go up against 50 different enemies and fight them -- or escape them by swimming around coral reefs, surfing downrivers and riding other Go deep into the Australian outback as Ty the Tasmanian tiger. It's up to you to collect magical talismans that'll release your fellow Tasmanian tigers from the Dreamtime. Armed with your boomerangs and a nasty bite, you must outfight and outsmart Boss Cass, a big bad bird with a big bad attitude. Sharpen your boomerang, mate, and get ready for an amazing Australian adventure. You will explore more than 16 levels of a highly stylized, cartoonlike Australian outback while making use of eight types of boomerangs, including the frostyrang, flamorang, and doomarang. You will also uncover secret areas and extra missions, collect power-ups to give Ty his Super Chomp, encounter over 50 different characters and enemies, ride animals, swim around coral reefs, and surf down rivers. Product Description Venture into the Australian Outback as Ty the Tasmanian Tiger races to unlock the portal that holds his fellow Tasmanian tigers in otherworldly Dreamtime. He's got to make it there before the evil Boss Cass foils his plan and locks away his family and friends forever.

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